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  • bipolar — [bī pō′lər] adj. 1. of or having two poles 2. of or involving both of the earth s polar regions 3. characterized by two directly opposite opinions, natures, etc. 4. of or affected by bipolar affective disorder [bipolar characteristics] bipolarity …   English World dictionary

  • bipolar (affective) disorder — n. a psychotic disorder characterized by alternating periods of mania and mental depression; manic depressive illness: now the preferred term in psychiatry …   English World dictionary

  • bipolar — [[t]baɪpo͟ʊlə(r)[/t]] ADJ: usu ADJ n Bipolar systems or situations are dominated by two strong and opposing opinions or elements. [FORMAL] ...the bipolar world of the Cold War years …   English dictionary

  • Bipolar disorders research — Bipolar disorder researchHeritability or inheritance of the illnessMore than two thirds of people with bipolar disorder have at least one close relative with the disorder or with unipolar major depression, indicating that the disease has a… …   Wikipedia

  • Bipolar coordinates — are a two dimensional orthogonal coordinate system. There are two commonly defined types of bipolar coordinates. [ World/math/b/b233.htm Eric W. Weisstein, Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics CD ROM, Bipolar …   Wikipedia

  • Bipolar disorder — Manic depression redirects here. For other uses, see Manic depression (disambiguation). Bipolar disorder Classification and external resources ICD 10 F …   Wikipedia

  • Bipolar junction transistor — BJT redirects here. For the Japanese language proficiency test, see Business Japanese Proficiency Test. PNP …   Wikipedia

  • bipolar — bi|po|lar [baıˈpəulə US ˈpoulər] adj [usually before noun] 1.) involving two opposing countries, groups etc ▪ the bipolar view of the world during the Cold War 2.) bipolar disorder technical ↑manic depression …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • List of people affected by bipolar disorder — This is a list of people accompanied by verifiable source citations associating them with bipolar disorder. This list includes only: a) deceased persons; and b) living persons who have been frank about their condition. It does not include… …   Wikipedia

  • International Society for Bipolar Disorders — The International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) is a non profit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States that focuses on research and education in bipolar disorders. [ [… …   Wikipedia

  • Treatment of bipolar disorder — This article is an expansion of a section entitled Treatment from within the main article: Bipolar disorder The emphasis of the treatment of bipolar disorder is on effective management of the long term course of the illness, which can involve… …   Wikipedia

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